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Tiên cảnh - two words which vietnamese people always use when talk about the beauty of The Trang An Landscape Complex. An idyllic landscape of the mountainous forest covered by mysterious caves, creating the World Natural and Cultural Heritage listed by UNESCO in 2013.

For the first time, a marathon run was co-organized by 123Go and Big Prize in Trang An, Ninh Binh in September this year. Trang An Marathon will definitely to be an unforgettable experience for runners who want to discover this enchanting and seductive beauty.

Fun run

Distance for all of people

Running along Sao Khe river with extremely good feeling in the morning in Trang An.

Discovery run

Discovery the beauty Heritage Land

10KM Distance, runners will enjoy the magnificent beauty of Trang An Landscape Complex.

Half Marathon

Historical connections every breat

Discover the whole of Trang An scenic spot, each step will bring wonderful moments.


Challenge in every steps

Conquer a Marathon is great,  footstrike from the Heritage adds more meaning

Footstrike From The Heritage

Experience the beauty of Mother Nature to Trang An - one of the natural relics associated with long history here.

The weather is cool, the road is certified by the Vietnam Athletics Federation, the track is completely separated, providing sufficient water and electricity to the athletes competing. It will definitely be an ideal condition to have a great personal result at Tràng An Marathon 2018.

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Trang An - Beautiful pictures

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