The Rules Of The Competition

Participants are responsible for understanding and adhering to the rules of the competition.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  1. Subjects
  • Athletes participate in Trang An Marathon 2022 – 2nd Edition and have read, understood and agreed to information, documents as well as competition rules provided by the Organizers.
  • Athletes who are Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who fully meet the provisions of the Charter of the Race, not during the time of being banned from competition by the National, International Federation of Associations or regulatory agencies are able to join the race.
  • Athletes participating in distances 42km, 21km must be 16 years of age or older and complete registration with the Organizers
  • Athletes under the age of 16 must have their responsible guardian and sign the “Liability waiver”.
  • Child athletes under 12 years old must have a parent or guardian to watch and take responsibility during the race.
  • Athletes understand that participating in Trang An Marathon 2022 is an exhausting activity and athletes have to practice and prepare for their health. Organizing committee will not be responsible if the athlete is physically or mentally injured during the race.

2. Cut-off time: Participants must be able to complete the route, from the starting line to the finish line, within the time specified as follows:

  • 42km with a maximum completion time of 7 hours.
  • 21km with a maximum completion time of 3 hours 30 minutes.
  • 10km with a maximum completion time of 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • 5km with a maximum completion time of 1 hour.

Note: There will be a vehicle/person in the bolt line, the athletes who are slower than the car will be invited on board and are deemed to fail to finish the event. 

  • Athletes must give priority to the medical staff, ambulance throughout the race regardless of any position on the route.
  • During the race, all athletes need to have professional behavior and politeness. Do not use vulgar words, quarrel, slander, or have unsportsmanlike behavior towards other athletes. Anyone who violates this code of conduct will be excluded from the event and the race.
  • All acts of littering, destroying the environment are strictly prohibited. Athletes are responsible for protecting the environment around the race.
  • Athletes must wear T-shirts (including their BIB number) for the duration of the race. The BIB number must be clearly visible at all times.

General Terms

3. Race supervision

    • Athletes leaving the route will not be allowed to return for any purpose. Athletes who intentionally shorten the route (“take a shortcut”) will be disqualified from the race. The fraudulent acts are evidenced by race referees, members of the Organizers and video security equipment.
    • Athletes participating in the race without an official event BIB number, without a timing device or a timing device other than his or her own will be disqualified from the following competitions by the Organizers.
    • Athletes may not receive any assistance by wheeled or motor vehicles while in competition condition. Except for athletes with disabilities with permission from the Organizers.
    • Athletes must not bring animals, explosives, flammable substances, compressed air, toxic substances and anything that could endanger or inconvenience others into the route.

4. Competetion results

    • The competition results will be recorded by the time meter mounted on the BIB, starting counting when the athlete crosses the start line and stops when he/she crosses the finish line.
    • An athlete may not be recognized as a finisher if:
    • Has been detected wearing more than 2 timing devices.
    • The athlete’s completion time exceeded the cut-off time.
    • Unusual absences on the route confirmed by referee and video recording equipment.
    • The official results will be announced by the Organizers on the website of the race. Athletes have the right to complain, request verification of the results of their own or other athletes, together with clear evidence. Claim requests should be submitted to Organizers by Nov 20, 2022.
    • The awards will be officially announced by the Organizers on the race day. All complaints about First, Second and Third places in all events must be made before 09:30 am on Nov 13, 2022.
    • It is the athlete’s responsibility to comply with the rules and instructions of the Organizers on the route to ensure accurate results.
    • The decision of the Organizers is the final one.
  1. 5. Discipline
    • Violations will be handled according to Decree 158/2013 / ND-CP dated 12/11/2013 of the Government on penalties for administrative violations in the fields of culture, sports, and tourism. calendar and advertising.

6. Force majeure

    • The Organizers are not responsible when the race is canceled or postponed due to force majeure.
    • The Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the race rules and regulations and will be notified to the athletes in writing, email or at the scene prior to the race.
    • The Organizers have the right to use the information provided by the athletes’ pictures, videos and activities for legitimate purposes in the media, advertising, and exhibitions, etc. to promote the race and the organizers.
    • Each athlete is responsible for understanding and obeying the rules of the race. Any violation will result in disqualification.
    • This Charter can only be amended and supplemented by the Organizers if deemed necessary. For the exclusive contents in the charter, the final decision belongs to the Organizers.